Communal & Car Park Lighting

Our full range of communal lighting come with a variety of functions, suitable for all applications. With microwave sensors and 2 level corridor functions, including master and slave modes, ensure lights are only used when necessary, keeping both product and running costs down.

These fittings all have an optional 3-hour emergency upgrade, meaning they are perfect for escape routes, stairwells and outside elevators.

Ludlow / Cheltenham Communal Bulkhead: GL-MLUX15 / GL-CLUX15

Combining our MLUX and CLUX ranges of IP rated bulkheads gives a complete solution for communal areas in shared buildings and offices.

Using the MLUX (microwave) fitting, whole corridors of CLUX (non-microwave) fittings can be controlled, being turned on and off or on 2 level mode. The range also has selectable sensor range, lumen output and photocell levels and have the option to include an emergency backup.

Exeter Communal Bulkhead: GL-ELUX15

This eyelid bulkhead is both IP65 and impact resistant, being purpose build for external use.

Complete with 2 level microwave functionality and dusk ‘til dawn photocell, this fitting is ideal for pathways. When the emergency option is selected, the fitting can be used for external escape routes when all other lights fail.

LED Cark Park Light Bar: GL-1270-60

Our LED batten lights are IP rated and impact resistant making them perfect for commercial uses such as workshops and carparks.

Available with microwave and emergency upgrades, to meet whatever requirement the project needs.

For any questions regarding the GL Communal & Car Park Lighting Range, contact one of our team.

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Business Development Manager

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