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Step Dimming

What is Step Dimming?
How can you get dimmable lights without changing your switches?

By installing a step dimming fitting. A step dim fitting uses a standard rocker switch that is turned on and off to cycle through pre-set light levels. This makes it a perfect solution to any situation where dimming is wanted but not originally planned. It causes the least amount of disruption to the existing set up, avoids the further expense of fitting dimmer switches and enables the job to be completed quickly.

With a step dim you can use a single fitting to create a variety of moods, with a dimmer, softer light at the flick of a switch. For example, with our Step Dim Pro800 Downlights, when first switched on they will be at 100% brightness, then turning it off and then on again in quick succession will set it to 55% brightness, then 25% and then 10%. Not only does this mean that a single fitting can serve multiple lighting purposes throughout the home but reducing the light levels also means lower energy bills.

Our Step Dim Pro800 Downlight comes with all the features you have come to expect from an industry leading downlight including: a two-year guarantee, 50,000-hour lamp life, IP65, acoustic and fire rating in all ceiling types (including those constructed with I and metal web joists). These high standards mean that this downlight is up to the job throughout the house and beyond. The full benefits of a dimmable downlight are just a step away!